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Pai Hygiene & Health Care was established in 2010. We are leading manufacturer of Pest Control & Hygiene Products categorized in Herbal, organic and chemical products. Our research and development team researching since last 5 years for these products and after a long deep study analysis & testing we have come with the world class Herbal and Organic Products.

As one of the leading manufacturer of Organic & Herbal products in India. We have a responsibility to demonstrate our commitment to preserving our natural environment. We have a track record of success and are proud of our commitment to preserving our natural environment. In our manufacturing plant we actively exploring ways to reduce our packaging and increase opportunities for the re-use and recycling of pre-consumer packaging.

Our Manufacturing plant based in Rajasthan is a world class facility to the production of high quality products that makes a difference to the lives of people all around the world. Our site has a proven track record of delivering outstanding supply performance.Over the next decade our plant will continue to expand capacity to fulfill the market expectation & demands.

Pai’s Organic believes that the more you know the better you grow. Our expert staffs have in-depth experience in manufacturing and helping our customers to first-hand knowledge of our products. Our expert provides best solution to your problem by matching components and put together a system expressly suited to your needs. Having particular pest problem in your home, lawn and garden? Our team will help you out with the best and safest solution. We Pai’s Organic not only know our products but we use them before deliver to the customer

Today’s generation and society have inclined towards natural, organic, non-toxic and green products, not in terms of absorbing or applying on them but also in things which they use in day to day activities. People doesn’t want to use chemical oriented products contains toxic chemicals and spread allergic diseases which is not only effecting their quality of life but also deteriorating their health. Our aim is to provide best quality products to people so they maintain quality life by making it organic and natural.

Vision & Mission

  • Our primary aim is to explore awareness towards health conciseness to the people and to Produce Pest Free & echo friendly environment globally. We have the expert management team and the formula to become a major player in the specified industry. We have innovated & developed a new anti cockroach herbal gel bait that are in demand by each & every person as well as to distribute in many major industries i.e. Commercial, Industrial, Residential, who do not have the ability to produce our specific innovative product.
  • We see our mission as not only that of custom manufacturer, but as a trade supplier & distributor where we can reach the end-user market with products we consider being proprietary. We seek a fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to satisfactorily compensate owners and investors for their money and risk.