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Organic Plant Protector

Product Details:

Application Protects plants from Pests
Categories Repellents
Target Insect Control, Disease Control, Weed Control, Nematode Control
State Powder


Organic Plant Protector (Organic Pest Control for Plants)
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Product Description


  • Plant Protector is a mineral based pesticide.
  • Plant Protector is a dust made of the fossilized remains of one-celled plants called diatoms.
  • Although contact with the dust poses no risk to people, the microscopic fossils have sharpened edges that scratch the outer shell of insects, causing insects to dehydrate and die it is an effective pesticide against a wide variety of garden pests including aphids, beetle grubs, ants and squash bugs.

Mode of Application:

Dry Method:

  • Shake the powder onto the vegetable plants. The best time to do this is in early morning or late evening, when the plants are wet with dew. The moisture helps the dust to adhere to the plant. Plant Protector won’t harm insects when it is wet, but it will be effective once it dries. Shake the powder on the vegetables as well as the leaves; the powder can be easily washed off the vegetables prior to consumption.
  • Apply the powder to the garden bed and to the area surrounding the garden. This will keep many crawling insects from even reaching the vegetable plants.
  • Pour a thick ring of Plant Protector around the base of plants to deter snails, slugs and squash bugs.
  • Spray the vegetable plants with a garden hose if it is not the time of year for morning or evening dew. Wait until the excess water drips from the plants, and then shake the powder on the damp plants.

Wet Method:

  • Mix Plant Protector in water and then spray the plants until they are wet but not dripping. Spray the undersides of leaves, as well. This method works well for treating all parts of the plants with Plant Protector
  • Allow the plants to dry. The water “glues” the powder to the plants. Once the plants dry, they will have a thin, even coating of powder. This spray method also works well in windy conditions, when it would be difficult to use the shaker to dust the plants.

How it Works:

  • Plant Protector is a non selective, abrasive dust commonly used to kill pest in the garden or plants. It is unique among insecticidal dusts, since it works by physical action rather than by poisoning. Plant Protector is fossilized silica shells of algae called diatoms: the microscopic shells are covered with sharp needle-like projections that penetrate an insect’s cuticle, allowing vital liquids to leak out. Plant Protector also absorbs the waxy coating on insect’s bodies.


  • Plant Protector is Natural product for plants and vegetables that can be used either dry or wet method.
  • Plant Protector is 100% safe with no residual effect.
  • No effect on Honey bee and butterfly by using Kieselguhr Earth.
  • It increases taste & size of fruits and increases size of flowers.
  • Plant Protector mechanically removes pests not chemically so pests couldn’t develop the resistance power to survive.


  • Do not inhale it as any dust inhaled causes irritation and it should not go in eyes else it will cause irritation. If accidently powder goes into the eyes just wash it plenty of water.


  • Long shelf life
  • Hygienically packed
  • Balanced composition