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Best Quality Products

Pai Hygiene & Health Care offers variety of organic, safe, environmental friendly and cost effective products not for effective pest control but also for Hygienic and Agricultural usage. Our products work mechanically & not chemically and therefore we stand apart from others in terms of quality and affectivity.

Our Organic products are product produce in accordance with The Organic Act and its regulations.

An Organic pesticides are like natural pesticides, are made up of materials occur in nature.

Our methods are safe for not only humans but also plants. For illustration, if you are having a hard time keeping pests away from your garden and feel that pesticides are not an option anymore,

we recommend switching to organic methods. Our products are based on plant, mineral and oil based methods and do not cause any damage to any of your family members, including babies and pets.

Neither do they damage the plants for which they are used. You may apply our products without removing utensils or any other stuff in your home. Our products are made to ensure that pests leave your premises and don’t come back for a long time. Simultaneously, we ensure that the process doesn’t effect the environment as well. We are an industry leader in manufacturing pest management, agricultural and hygiene products not for residential but for commercial premises also. Our base plan while making these products is to ensure a cleaner healthier earth for our future generations. You and your family health & safety are extremely important to us.


We have made our products by a using food grade mineral called ‘Diatomaceous Earth’ which contains diatoms and effectively killed / damages the bodies of insects, it is one hundred percent safe to use of any corner in the home. It is completely harmless to both children and pets and will not stain damage any furniture or clothing like some chemical pesticides can.


For Cockroaches and Ants, we have made organic solution to kill cockroaches by only spreading the powder in the infected area and you will see that all cockroaches remove automatically within short span of time. We also carry some natural and organic bait products that are very effective for controlling several kinds of insects from roaches to ants. Not only does this make them less harmful to the environment, but also more effective, as the targeted insects are more likely to be enticed by something they cannot distinguish from their regular sources of food. Apart from powder, we do have cockroach killer in gel form which has to apply across the infected areas in a particular distance to kill all cockroaches effectively within 1-2 days.


For Bed Bug, we do have an excellent product to kill bed bug in powder form. The application is very easy

and hundred percent effective to kill bed bugs and their eggs too mechanically.


For Pet care, our Parasite product is made to protect pets from ticks/fleas.  This is the best product for pet care. You are to apply our product on their skin and you also may add some of the powder in their food which kills internal and external bugs mechanically without harming your pet.


For agricultural purpose, Our Soil Booster helps in saving your plant, trees, flowers and garden from garden pests by spreading powder on their leaves and flowers. You may also mix it in the water and spray over the leaves and flowers to protect them from pests for a long term. If your soil immunity is less and if you are looking for something that can enhance the immune system of your soil which helps in plants to grow and produce green leaves and beautiful flowers, then this would be the  best solution to make your garden safe from all kinds of pests and to make it more beautiful.


For Insects and mosquitoes, we have high quality product made from natural extracted oil which kills insects and mosquitoes in few shots organically without harming you and your family. By using this, you may protect your family from harmful diseases like Chikungunya, Malaria and Dengue. Our organic product is very effective and gives results which would secure you and help in managing your heath and quality of life.


For Hygiene, purpose, we have organic Hand Sanitizer and Rose water. Hand sanitizer removes all germs and keeps you safe from harmful bacteria. Our Rose water will keep your skin hydrating, moisturised and smooth.  Our products are 100% organic, non toxic and safe for humans & pets. Our products made from non chemical, non toxic and of natural origin, consisting of specially processed minerals will make your life safe, healthy and hygienic.