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Why Organic

Pai’s Organic creates the world’s safest, most effective pesticides based on natural ingredients. We have six years of scientific research and a wealth of patents behind us. We make the only 100% safe insecticides that are proven to work. We offer variety of Organic Pest Control, Agricultural and Hygiene products.
We believe the logical solution to organic pest control is to create a balance of organisms in your yard or garden. In a diverse ecosystem pest populations are regulated naturally. Development of this balance relies on products that minimize harm to pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Better and safer — than chemicals, Organic pest control is based on highly specific, naturally occurring diseases caused by insect-infecting bacteria, protozoa, viruses and fungi. These products are very effective against their target insects but are non-toxic to humans, pets, wildlife and beneficial insects. Organic pesticides are also short-lived in the environment and are less likely to produce insect resistance than synthetic chemicals.

Organic pest control is less expensive than buying and applying pesticides, and it’s safer for your garden, your family, the natural wildlife and the environment.In today’s society there is a big emphasis on using natural, organic, non-toxic, or “green” products. In the pest control industry each of these terms can mean something very different. Before starting a pest control program one should consider what their goal actually is. Is the goal to use only organic products (organic food processing facilities)? Is the goal to use only natural products? Or is the goal to institute a program that is environmentally friendly?

Organic pest control products have grown in popularity over the past several years, bringing new all natural and organic products that are safer than and just as effective as professional grade chemically based products. Organic pest control products offer an excellent alternative to chemical pest control for the environmentally conscious, using 100% all-natural ingredients to protect the health of people, pets, and the environment. Here at Do It By Yourself we sell a variety of professional products.

Pai’s Organic’s aim is to eradicate health issues, improving health of the population and creating awareness about Organic products. Pai Organic is constantly innovating to bring out newer products to suit needs of the population.